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Army Data: West Africa

At the beginning of the war the armed forces of the British colonies of West Africa amounted to little more than lightly armed troops for internal security. By the end of the war they made up a significant percentage of the 400,000 African soldiers serving in British formations.

In addition to their duties in West Africa, black troops campaigned against Italian East Africa and served in India, Ceylon, and Burma. As with British East African troops, West Africans under British command were deemed unsuitable for operations in North Africa or Europe despite the obvious successes of African forces serving under French command in those theaters. By the end of the war, most West African formations had sailed eastward to participate in the campaign against Japan.

In this OB, the term "West African" applies to British battalions from Nigeria, Gold Coast, Sierra Leone, Gambia, etc which were formed into brigades variously designated as West African, Gold Coast, and Nigerian.

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