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What our visitors are viewing right now: 16:29 Pacific Time on 29 July 2016

1. The Second World War

2. War Diary: 4 March 1941

3. War Diary: 18 March 1945

4. Subject: Brazil: Navies, seapower, and naval operations

5. Sicily and the Surrender of Italy

6. Review: United States Army Unit and Organizational Histories: A Bibliography, volume 2: World War I to the Present

7. War Diary: 8 July 1944

8. Can Do! The Story of the Seabees

9. World War II Allied Sabotage Devices and Booby Traps

10. History: Afghanistan during World War II

11. Publisher: National

12. Armies: Index

13. Author: Hugh Popham

14. Review: Last Hope: The Blood Chit Story

15. Fu-go: The Curious History of Japan's Balloon Bomb Attack on America

16. War Diary: 7 August 1940

17. The Mighty Eighth War Manual

18. Hitler's Pre-War Policy and Military Plans, 1933-1939

19. New Georgia: The Second Battle for the Solomons

20. War Diary: 3 July 1942

21. MacArthur at War: World War II in the Pacific

22. Stalingrad: How the Red Army Survived the German Onslaught

23. German Secret Weapons of the Second World War

24. Britain, Turkey and the Soviet Union, 1940-45: Strategy, Diplomacy and Intelligence in the Eastern Mediterranean

25. The Last Plane Up

26. Subject: Bulgaria

27. The White Mouse: The Autobiography of the Woman the Gestapo called the White Mouse

28. Subject: Gibraltar

29. War Diary: 10 November 1943

30. Man Who Broke Purple: Life of Colonel William F. Friedman...

31. War Diary: 4 July 1940

32. Pacifism in Britain, 1914-1945: The Defining of a Faith

33. Subject: Biographies and memoirs: Social and cultural figures and civilians

34. War Diary: 7 November 1940

35. Publisher: The Military Press

36. Donitz's Crews: Germany's U-Boat Sailors in World War II

37. Author: A.J.P. Taylor

38. Review: Battle of the Airfields: Operation Bodenplatte, 1 January 1945

39. Review: Silent Hunters: German U-Boat Commanders of World War II

40. Series: Belgian Official History

41. Publisher: Allan Wingate

42. Beyond the Beachhead: The 29th Infantry Division in Normandy

43. Author: Leonard Mosley

44. German Artillery of World War II

45. Author: Neil R. Storey

46. Chronology: New Zealand in the War, 1939-1946

47. War Diary: 1 May 1941

48. Author: James Ladd

49. The Fascists in Britain

50. Get Rommel: The Secret British Mission to Kill Hitler's Greatest General

51. Subject: Belgium: Unit histories

52. Subject: Charles A. Lindbergh

53. Subject: Pearl Harbor

54. War Diary: 1 August 1943

55. Books by title: N

56. War Diary: 9 August 1940

57. War Diary: 16 December 1942

58. Out of the Shadows: Canada in the Second World War

59. Publishers

60. Subject: Russian Liberation Movement

61. War Diary: 16 July 1944

62. Wolf at the Door: The World War II Antisubmarine Battle for Hampton Roads

63. KAR: A History of the King's African Rifles

64. Iron Division: The History of the 3rd Division

65. Subject: Netherlands: Biographies and memoirs of spies and intelligence agents

66. Author: J.A.I. Agar-Hamilton

67. Subject: Air war in the West, 1939-1945: Biographies and memoirs

68. Hitler Sites: A City-by-City Guidebook

69. War Diary: 18 March 1943

70. Review: The Irish Experience during the Second World War

71. Author: Robert N. Sigmond

72. Subject: Japan: Air unit histories

73. Author: C.J.C. Molony

74. War Diary: 3 October 1944

75. Review: Zhukov at the Oder: The Decisive Battle for Berlin

76. War Diary: Records for subject

77. Review: Hitler's Eastern Legions, volume II: The Osttruppen

78. Author: Andy McHale

79. War Diary: Records for subject

80. Stone & Stone Second World War Books

81. War Diary: Records for subject

82. Subject: General Colin M. Gubbins

83. In the Service of the Emperor: Essays on the Imperial Japanese Army

84. Marine Corps Ground Training in World War II

85. Subject: Unit histories: Fronts and campaigns

86. Review: Facing Fearful Odds: The Siege of Wake Island

87. War Diary: 19 October 1944

88. Wingfield at War

89. Author: Jennie Gray

90. A Sailor's Odyssey: The Autobiography of Admiral of the Fleet Viscount Cunningham of Hyndhope

91. Polish Aircraft, 1893-1939

92. Author: Alan J. Levine

93. Author: Robert F. Stedman

94. Guide to our website

95. War Diary: 1 July 1941

96. Authors

97. War Diary: 6 January 1943

98. Subject: Marshal Pietro Badoglio

99. War Diary: 26 December 1940

100. Publisher: University of Missouri Press

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