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What our visitors are viewing right now: 3:38 on 1 February 2015

1. War Diary: 8 December 1942

2. Review: Naval Weapons of World War Two

3. Review: Doras of the Galland Circus

4. Review: Seaplanes over the Black Sea

5. Review: Romanian Black Hussars

6. Review: Birth of the Luftwaffe Fighter Force

7. Subject: Seventy-Eighth Infantry Division (British)

8. Review: Focke-Wulf Ta 152

9. Author: Leroy Thompson

10. Books by title: U

11. Armies: Index

12. Murder of Admiral Darlan

13. Publisher: Greenhill Books

14. Review: United States Armed Forces Order of Battle, 7 December 1941, volume 3: US Navy, US Marine Corps, and US Coast Guard

15. Heavy Cruiser Takao

16. Design for Total War: Arms and Economics in the Third Reich

17. Women of the Third Reich

18. War Diary: 13 December 1944

19. The Scars of War: Tokyo during World War II

20. Review: The French Army, 1939-1940: Organisation, Order of Battle, Operational History, volume V

21. Subject: German summer offensive in Russia, May - November 1942

22. Conspirator: The Untold Story of Tyler Kent

23. Subject: United States: War crimes, atrocities, and trials

24. Subject: Air operations in the Central and Western Pacific Area, 1941-1945

25. Spanish Civil War, 1936-39: American Hemispheric Perspectives

26. Ultra and the Mediterranean Strategy

27. Neutral Ireland and the Third Reich

28. Fragmentation: The Memories of the 3rd Platoon of I Company, 260th Regiment, 65th Division

29. Subject: Commando and special operations in Europe, Africa, and the Near East

30. War Diary: 1 May 1942

31. Subject: United States: Biographies and memoirs of aviators, aircrew, and groundcrew

32. Publisher: University Press of Kansas

33. War Diary: 28 August 1943

34. 2nd Tactical Air Force, volume two: Breakout to Bodenplatte, July 1944 to January 1945

35. War Diary: 8 February 1944

36. Publisher: Rowman and Littlefield

37. Rikugun: Guide to Japanese Ground Forces 1937-1945: Tactical Organization of Imperial Japanese Army and Navy Ground Forces, volume 1

38. Subject: Air war in the West, 1939-1945: Fronts and campaigns

39. Into the Swarm: Stories of RAF Fighter Pilots in the Second World War

40. Books by title: S

41. Review: A Summer Bright and Terrible: Winston Churchill, Lord Dowding, Radar, and the Impossible Triumph of the Battle of Britain

42. Subject: United States: International relations

43. Subject: Finland

44. Subject: Gilbert Islands

45. Publisher: Naval Institute Press

46. Review: Stalin's Eagles: An Illustrated Study of the Soviet Aces of World War II and Korea

47. War Diary: 10 September 1942

48. After Hitler: The Last Days of the Second World War in Europe

49. Author: Russell Weigley

50. War Diary: 13 September 1942

51. Subject: Germany

52. Stone & Stone Second World War Books

53. Author: Samuel W. Mitcham

54. Le Corridor des Panzers, volume 2: Zur Kuste, 16-21 Mai 1940

55. Resisting Hitler: Mildred Harnack and the Red Orchestra

56. War Diary: 14 September 1942

57. Warlord: A Life of Winston Churchill at War, 1874-1945

58. Subject: France

59. Books by author: F

60. German Destroyers of World War II

61. Camp Cooke and Vandenberg Air Force Base, 1941-1966: From Armor and Infantry Training to Space and Missile Launches

62. SOE Singapore, 1941-42

63. Books by title: A

64. War Diary: 14 October 1941

65. Silence Was Salvation: Child Survivors of Stalin's Terror and World War II in the Soviet Union

66. War Diary: Records for subject

67. The Left Side of History: World War II and the Unfulfilled Promise of Communism in Eastern Europe

68. Publisher: I.B. Tauris & Co. Ltd

69. The Cambridge History of the Second World War, volume 1

70. War Diary: 21 August 1942

71. Review: The Navy of World War II, 1922-1947

72. Battle of the Atlantic: The Corvettes and Their Crews: An Oral...

73. Author: Akira Iriye

74. Publisher: Pen and Sword Books Ltd

75. D-Day: June 6, 1944: The Normandy Landings

76. War Diary: 8 March 1944

77. War Diary: 16 December 1939

78. War Diary: 26 November 1944

79. Historique du 3e Regiment de Spahis Algeriens de Reconnaissance

80. Books by author: W

81. Publisher: United States Marine Corps

82. Terror Out of Zion: Irgun Zvai Leumi, LEHI, and the Palestine Underground, 1929-1949

83. The Bomber Command War Diaries: An Operational Reference Book, 1939-1945

84. Publisher: Zenith Press - Motorbooks - MBI

85. War Diary: Records for subject

86. Books by author: M

87. Review: No Small Achievement: Special Operations Executive and the Danish Resistance, 1940-1945

88. Review: Hitler Attacks Pearl Harbor: Why the United States Declared War on Germany

89. Review: Slingshot Warbirds: World War II U.S. Navy Scout-Observation Airmen

90. Subject: General Kurt Student

91. Maori Battalion

92. Laboratory Warriors: How Allied Science and Technology Tipped the Balance in World War II

93. War Diary: Records for subject

94. Books by author: O

95. The Victory Campaign: The Operations in North-West Europe, 1944-1945

96. War Diary: 15 May 1940

97. Bitter Glory: Poland and Its Fate, 1918-1939

98. Subject: War at sea in the West, 1939-1945: Ship histories, plans, and specifications

99. War Diary: 1 May 1945

100. Messerschmitt Me 321/323: The Luftwaffe's Giants in World War II

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