War Diary: Battle of Beda Fomm

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War Diary records for Battle of Beda Fomm

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5 February 1941
Western Desert
Battle of Beda Fomm: Combeforce of British 7th Armored Division races southwest to cut off Italian 10th Army columns on the coast road west of Beda Fomm

Battle of Beda Fomm: Combeforce cuts the coast road and blasts columns of Italian wheeled vehicles

6 February 1941
Western Desert
Battle of Beda Fomm: Italian Babini Armored Brigade tries unsuccessfully to dislodge British roadblocks while columns of Italian wheeled transport suffer heavy losses

7 February 1941
Western Desert
Battle of Beda Fomm: Remaining Italian tanks make a final, unsuccessful attack in the morning to break through British roadblocks

Battle of Beda Fomm: More than 25,000 troops of Italian 10th Army, trapped along the coast road at Beda Fomm, surrender

Battle of Beda Fomm: Italian General Bergonzoli surrenders with his command

Dates are local to the time zone in which the event occurred, but discrepancies and inconsistencies abound throughout the sources, especially when events ocurred shortly before or after midnight.

War Diary records on file for this subject: 6
War Diary records for this subject updated: 8:26 Pacific Time on 6 February 2009

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