War Diary: Midway Island

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War Diary records for Midway Island

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29 September 1940
Midway Island
USMC Third Defense Battalion arrives to build and man defenses

13 February 1941
Midway Island
Remaining elements of USMC 3rd Defense Battalion arrive

1 August 1941
Midway Island
US Naval Air Station established

24 December 1941
Midway Island
Reinforcements from USMC 4th Defense Battalion arrive

26 December 1941
Midway Island
More reinforcements from USMC 4th Defense Battalion arrive

25 May 1942
Midway Island
Elements of USMC 2nd Marine Raider Battalion and 3rd Defense Battalion arrive to reinforce garrison

25 June 1942
Midway Island
USN carrier Saratoga arrives with USAAF 73rd Fighter Squadron and additional SBD bombers for VMSB 241 for defense of the island

15 July 1942
Midway Island
USN submarine base established

16 January 1943
Midway Island
Secretary of the Navy Knox and Admiral Nimitz inspect defenses

2 October 1944
Midway Island
USN submarine Finback lands LTJG George Bush and he subsequently returns to combat operations aboard USN light carrier San Jacinto

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